Let’s Paint

Painting t-shirts in the watercolor style

Let’s mix acrylics in a liquid watery consistency, stuff shirts with pillows to absorb water and prevent paint from soaking through to the back of shirt and start creating dreams come true! I’ll be painting probably 100 shirts this month in preparation for the Lilac Festival in Pine Mt Club, California and also creating gorgeous custom tops and pillow covers with vintage fabrics and piping, silky backs, hand stitching inspired by Alabama Chanin project! I’ve kept a photo of one corset top for years dreaming of making these tops and influencing other women to hand sew and create works of wearable art. The feeling I get when immersed in creativity is unexplainable joy. When I pick up a needle and thread to hand sew I’m immediately taken back to a slow life feeling of hundreds of years ago without technology, envisioning women sewing and talking, sipping tea, enjoying a step back in time surrounded by fabrics, threads, country life. Let’s do this… I want you to have a healing touch, to feel the joy, to be filled with ideas of your own that bring more joy to you and your loved ones. Ideas that generate income working from home or anywhere in the world wherever you are! Follow for updates, video, live presentations on my Facebook


Published by Marilyn

Artist, T-shirt designer, gardener, author, registered nurse who loves to cook and share my passion for Maui and my superfoods that transformed my life!

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