Let’s Paint

Painting t-shirts in the watercolor style Let’s mix acrylics in a liquid watery consistency, stuff shirts with pillows to absorb water and prevent paint from soaking through to the back of shirt and start creating dreams come true! I’ll be painting probably 100 shirts this month in preparation for the Lilac Festival in Pine MtContinue reading “Let’s Paint”


A healing touch Immersed in creativity, imagination, dreams, our subconscious mind lets go of all the stressful feelings and our emotions flow freely releasing pent up energy into paint, pencil on paper, charcoal drawings, clay, fabric, sewing, knitting, crochet, designing gardens or interiors for comfort and joy. I love teaching hand painting on t-shirts andContinue reading “Creativity”

T shirts by Marilyn

I’ve been designing T-shirts for over thirty years! I love to paint on cotton, Lycra, silks, denim, anything i can find. My favorite is white cotton fabric. I love to sew, appliqué Hawaiian designs, piece quilts and make pillows with piping and gorgeous fabrics! I love sharing my creativity with others to inspire their joyContinue reading “T shirts by Marilyn”